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You’ve only 7 seconds in which to capture the attention of a potential customer and keep them intrigued about your business. In fact, it’s human nature to start to form judgement about something in a tenth of a second.

Your website is often where your customer’s journey begins and your one chance to impress.

An effective website draws the person in to have a browse and initiate a relationship with your business.

So many businesses have missed out on sales because their website wasn’t easy to navigate, didn’t look reputable, there was a technical fault, or, just weren’t persuasive enough! We live in an age where our competitors are just a click away.

At Amber Digital our developers have decades of experience ensuring that your first impression makes an impact. And once your website is launched, we won’t abandon you. We look after everything to do with your website with a solution tailored to your business; whether it’s just hosting, website management, web traffic analysis, or, ongoing optimisation.

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of people will judge your business’ credibility by your website

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of web users will abandon a site if it’s poorly designed

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of people won’t trust an outdated website


0 %

of internet searches result in a purchase

0 %

of people will not look past the first page of search results


Google searches conducted every second!

You are 14 times more likely to sell when the client finds you.

Amber Digital’s SEO services will help bring prospects to your virtual yard.

We’re passionate about staying on top of the ever-evolving algorithm changes that determine search results.

We’ll help you identify what phrases your potential customers are using to find the products/services you’re offering and work on boosting your website’s position for those search terms. 

Who’s being social?

How many are looking at your business?

There’s no denying that social media is elementary to your marketing.

There’s quite the buzz about it which can make the quest for using social media effectively for your business somewhat overwhelming and costly! 

Yes, you can just leave it all in our capable hands, but what has proven a popular product is our social media support package. Ultimately, social media isn’t rocket science and often what’s required is a graceful introduction, collaborating on content and being shown what works best, until you’re ready to ride solo, saving you the cost of ongoing social media management.

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users on Instagram every day

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users on facebook every day

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videos viewed on YouTube every day


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more likely to be successful with a marketing strategy

£ 250

is the cost of asking Amber to audit your marketing spend

£ 0 per month

is the average amount we’ve saved our clients on their marketing spend

Almost half of businesses don’t have a clearly defined digital marketing strategy. This statistic worries us greatly. All too often we see businesses throwing money into the wind without any measures as to what actually benefits them. A strategy will:
  • Focus your efforts on the right things by highlighting what’s most effective so you can do more of it!
  • Create an organised approach to your marketing, giving you a clear vision and peace of mind!
  • Save you money by identifying unnecessary expenditure
  • Give you an advantage over your competitors
  • Ensure that your marketing is consistent

the power of video

Don’t get left behind! Proven to be a primary tool for engagement, video content is essential to your marketing.

Amber Digital presents affordable solutions, including a package where businesses benefit from a new video for their business each month, as well as a gateway into television advertising.

Television advertising has become more accessible and can be precisely targeted to your desired audience, to the point where neighbours will be watching different adverts.

You may think that a TV commercial campaign comes with a hefty price tag, but you can reach a select audience of around 10,000 for around £5000. 

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consumers have said that watching a video has influenced a purchase

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are more likely to watch a video over reading text

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of the world’s internet traffic will be video by 2022

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